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Are you a psychologist looking to branch out into conducting pre-bariatric surgery psychological evaluations for bariatric surgery patients?

Templates and More!

I am Shawna M. Benson, PsyD, and I have been conducting pre-bariatric weight loss surgery psychological evaluations for the past 20 years!Get access to templates and training materials to help you seamlessly transition into this specialized health psychology field.

Insurance companies

Do you need help learning how to prior authorize these specialized evaluations with third party payers?I successfully and consistently prior authorize psychological testing and evaluation for bariatric patients with commercial insurance.

Learn to consult with bariatric surgery teams to move you to the top of their referral list!In addition to templates and materials, get consultation and mentoring from Dr. Benson to seamlessly move into this interesting and rewarding consultation field.

Communication Strategies for
Medical Consultation


I would love to help you break into this professional clinical specialty!

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